More on Starbucks Instant: "Virtually Indistinguishable"

A panel of Ad Age reporters compares VIA, the new Starbucks instant coffee, to coffee brewed in-store and cannot tell the difference between the two.


Starbucks Instant: "Totally Acceptable"

If you haven't heard, Starbucks is launching a new instant coffee product called VIA. Early reports on how it tastes are surprisingly positive: "surprisingly bold and complex," "nice and strong tasting but a little thin," and "really good if a little on the burned side" (just like the real thing).


Best in Bars

Food & Wine picks the best milk chocolates.


Faux Turkey Smackdown

A Wall Street Journal reporter tasted meatless turkeys and lived to tell the tale.


The Best Southern Hams

Bon Appétit magazine surveys the American ham landscape and shares a list of five of favorite hams.

American Ham [Bon Appétit]



Is prison food unconstitutionally bad? The NutraLoaf taste tested on Slate.


Deceptively Delicious? Not Necessarily

While Jessica Seinfeld's Missy Chase Lapine fight out charges of plagiarism in court, the Wall Street Journal test drives their recipes for sneaking vegetables into kids' food.


Best of Bars

A Los Angeles Times tasting panel favors Michel Cluizel "Noir de Cacao" in a sampling of 23 bittersweet chocolate bars.


Tofurkey v. Turkey

The fake bird beats the real thing in a match-up against "oven-ready turkey" at CHOW.


Mega Mac

Taste Test: Japan Probe takes a first look at the super super-sized four-patty Mega Mac introduced in Japan by McDonald's.