Ramsay's Soccer Career is Suspect

Questions are being raised about a colorful aspect of Gordon Ramsay's biography -- a brief stint as a soccer player before he became a chef.


Latke Virgin Wins Eating Contest

A Canadian man downed 46 potato pancakes in eight minutes to win the National Potato Latke Eating Championship. They were the first he had ever tasted.


World's Best in Burritos

The winner at the "World Burrito Eating Championship"  in South Portland, Maine, inhaled a dozen 18-oz. burritos in 10 minutes.


Gold Medal Diet: 10,000 Calories

Olympic gold medal-winner Michael Phelps fuels himself with a whopping 10,000 calories per day. What's for breakfast? Just three fried egg sandwiches, three chocolate-chip pancakes, a five-egg omelette, three sugar-coated slices of French toast, and a bowl of grits.


Frankfurter's Lament

A former hot dog vendor remembers the good old days of selling (less than sanitary) franks at Ebbets Field.


Cheese Chase

At the annual Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake held in May in the English countryside near Gloucester, contestants chase a wheel of cheese down a near vertically sloped hill. Competitors have been known to suffer injuries as they run and tumble after the cheese, which reaches speeds of 70 miles per hour.


Tournament of Cheeses

The Grub Report and Tomato Nation have dreamed up a tourney of 64 cheeses. View the brackets and vote your picks here.


Man vs. Bear

Oldie but goodie: competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi goes head-to-head in a hot dog eating contest with a Kodiak bear.


Beer Does a Body Good

Spanish researchers have found that beer helps dehydrated people retain liquid better than water following exercise.