Smoked Meat vs. Pastrami

Which is better: Katz's pastrami or the smoked meat at Montreal's Schwartz's? Robert Sietsema investigates.


Battle of the Cocoa Beans

The Wall Street Journal rounds up the best single-origin chocolates.


A Step Above Swiss Miss

The Wall Street Journal compares hot-chocolate making devices.


Best of Chestnuts

Which jarred chestnuts are worthy of your recipes.


Battle of the Virtual Beers

Would you like an iBeer or an iPint?

Virtualbeer Download one of the applications from the Apple's "App Store," and you can transform your iPhone into a sudsy, animated glass of beer. As you tip your phone, the beer drains from the glass as if you were drinking it for real.

Now, Hottrix, the Nevada company which created iBeer, is suing Molson Coors Brewing Co. and ad agency Beattie McGuinnes Bungay Ltd., the creators of a rival application, iPint. The lawsuit claims that Coors' iPint is a  direct copy of iBeer and that it "dilutes the market."

iBeer vs. iPint: a brewing controversy [Los Angeles Times]


Salami Smackdown

Jewish Living taste tests Kosher salamis. Plus, techniques for serving Kosher salami, from the tasty (salami and eggs) to the bizarre (salami-tapenade tea sandwiches and brown sugar-salami "chips").


Roscoe's vs. Rosscoe's

A Chicago restaurant calling itself Rosscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles (an all too obvious copycat of the legendary Roscoe's House of Chicken 'n Waffles in Los Angeles) has agreed to change its name. The original Roscoe's is suing its imitator in federal court for trademark infringement.