Kitchen Garden Reactions: Fashion, Race, and Alice Waters

Monday morning quarterbacking the White House Kitchen Garden groundbreaking: Slate questions Michelle Obama's clothing choices, Obama Foodorama considers what it says about race, and Alice Waters is impressed.


Breaking: White House Vegetable Garden. OMG!

Yes, there will be butterhead lettuce, and it will be grown on a 1,100-square-foot plot on the White House South Lawn. Somewhere, Alice Waters is high-fiving Michael Pollan.


Inaugural Eats

That inaugural menu page Sen. Dianne Feinstein called the most-visited on the inaugural website (plus a PDF of the recipes should you get so patriotic you want to cook up a "brace of pheasant and duck" tonight).


Peach Cobbler We Can Believe In

Now on YouTube, Barack Obama sings the praises of Chicago's "Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop," admits to getting food coma over too many pre-dinner pancakes.


Sorting Alice Waters from Alice Walker

Yelpers sort the chef from the author: "Alice Walker -- great role model, Alice Waters -- great remoulade. Both are cool."


Kishkes in Chief

President-elect Barack Obama is a fan of Chicago deli Manny's, purveyor of fine "Jewish-American steam table cuisine."


What Would Obama Eat?

White House Top Chef contestant Rick Bayless outlines what he would serve the next President.


Top Chef: White House Transition Edition

According to the Daily News, chefs Art Smith, Rick Bayless, and Daniel Young are contenders to lead the Obama administration kitchen.


The Iconic Role of the Diner in Political Campaigns

The Lure of the Diner [Wall Street Journal]