Supermarket Tricks of the Trade

How supermarkets use smells, lighting, and product placement to make you stay longer and spend more money.


French Ban on Alcohol Gains Steam

A ban on the sale of alcohol to minors moved closer to reality Monday as French lawmakers passed an amendment in favor of the ban.


Unlikely Allies: George Will and Michel Pollan

Conservative columnist George Will writes about the cornifcation of the U.S., quoting heavily from Michael Pollan.


Planet of the Fish

The number of fish (mostly farmed) are outpacing the human population.


Birds Stealing Ice Cream

For your enjoyment, a gallery of photos of birds stealing ice cream cones. Via buzzfeed.


Bracing for Climate Change, China Increases Agriculture Spending

Fearing that climate change could spark a future food crisis, China will increase its spending on agricultural production by 20% this year amid warnings that climate change could spark a future food crisis.


Whole Foods Settles With FTC

Whole Foods and the Federal Trade Commission have reached a settlement over the FTC's antitrust challenge to grocer’s August 2007 acquisition of Wild Oats Markets. The settlement calls for Whole Foods to sell 31 Wild Oats stores in 12 states, including 19 that already have been closed, and relinquish the rights to the Wild Oats brand.


Table for Two? Yes, Me and My Book

Authors recommend books that make ideal dinner companion. Jay McInerney finds that A.J. Liebling's memoir, Between Meals, stimulates his appetite, and Sheila Heti notes that Stuart Kauffman's Investigations goes well with a bowl of pasta.


Good Times for the Food Network

Business is going bust everywhere except at the Food Network, which is experiencing its highest ratings ever.


The Future of Fish

The combined effects of overfishing, pollution, and climate change might mean we'll be eating a lot of jellyfish and algae in 2050. Yum.