COOL: Hot or Not?

Starting September 30, food manufacturers and grocery stores must comply with COOL, a new federal law that requires "country of origin labeling" on meat, fish, and some vegetables. Critics point to loopholes in the requirement such as an exception for products sold in butcher shops and fish markets and disagreements over the definition of processed foods.


Parenting and Nutrition

Six food mistakes made by parents.


Dirty Dining

New York State Senator Jeff Klein, who wants a system of letter-grade ratings of cleanliness in New York eateries, released his annual list of New York City's dirtiest restaurants on Sunday (download a PDF of the complete report).


Bento Art

Music album covers painstakingly re-envisioned as bento boxes.


Wine Alert

A high-tech shipping label, about the size of a sugar packet, is now being used to warn customers if their wine was overheated during transport. The labels can be programmed for a range of temperatures and placed directly on the product or its packaging. A flashing light indicates whether the wine is okay (green) or damaged (yellow).


Freezing for Fall

Want to savor summer's berry bounty when the season is over? Just freeze them.


The Twittering Critic

Weird: the music's BETTER in the men's room. Todd Kliman may have changed restaurant criticism forever with his "live" stream-of-consciousness review (via Twitter) of Alain Ducasse's Adour. Via Grub Street.


Wine Online

According to the Wall Street Journal, will begin selling wine on the Internet this fall.



Aches and pains endured by restaurant workers, from "shaker's shoulder" "pasta posture."


Next Big Thing: Local Flour

Are fresh and local regional flours the next big thing for the heirloom tomato- and heritage pork-eating locavore set?