Pairings: Wine and News

Oddly enough, the Wall Street Journal is getting into the wine-selling business (


From Breast to Table

A Swiss chef wants to serve dishes made from human breast milk in his restaurant. And, here's a helpful hint: "One can cook really delicious things with it. However, it always needs   to be mixed with a bit of whipped cream, in order to keep the consistency." Of course.


Kraft Replaces AIG in Dow

Kraft Foods will replace ailing AIG in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Kraft will be the only food maker in the 30-stock index.


Wine at the White House

The official White House sommelier dishes about the delicate politics of selecting wine for state dinners.


Coming Soon: Genetically Engineered Steak

The FDA released draft guidelines today on the regulation of genetically engineered (GE) animals and will soon start considering industry proposals to sell GE animals as human food. Among other things, labeling of products made with GE animals will not be required.


Traditional is Trendy

How did Rothaus, a very traditional, state-owned beer from Bavaria, buck falling beer sales in Germany and become a favorite of Berlin hipsters?


More Than Mooseburgers

Sarah Palin may have popularized the mooseburger, but what else do Alaskans do with moose meat?


Love for Lard

"Fat is back," according to the San Francisco Chronicle.


Fall Cookbooks

The Los Angeles Times rounds up the best of the new cookbooks coming out this fall.


"Tools for Dying"

From Thwart Design, the minds behind Design without Reach, comes Tools for Dying, a parody of DWR's new housewares store, Tools for Living.