Atlantic Launches "Food Channel"

The Atlantic has launched a "Food Channel": "It's about food, but like everything else in The Atlantic, it's about much more than that: politics, business, literature, the environment -- most of all, pleasure," writes editor Corby Kummer.


This Article Is Brought to You By Pomegranate Juice

How product placement -- of the pomegranate kind -- could be the the future of journalism.


Obit: Chip Maker Steve Bernard

Steve Bernard, founder of Cape Cod Potato Chips, has died at age 61.


The Dilemma of the Double Egg

An egg inside an egg is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.


Majdouli Cheese

Majdouli, a Middle Eastern string cheese, looks like a hank of yarn. Via tastespotting.


Not Your Ordinary Donut

These "donut pies" may look like donuts, but they are really rings of pastry dough which have been stuffed with fillings and deep-fried. Via not martha.


Kellogg's Unloads Phelps Flakes

After dropping its endorsement of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, Kellogg's donated two tons of boxes of corn flakes and frosted flakes emblazoned with his image to a San Francisco food bank.


Taking Dried Herbs Seriously

The Los Angeles Times investigates dried herbs and finds that dried oregano has some serious "mojo."


Reality Bartending

The next frontier in gastro-reality television programming is bartending. Fine Living is casting for a new show, "Bartender Wars," that will pit bartenders against each other in mixological challenges. Know "a bartender – man or woman – who’s sexy, confident, with a great personality," email


A Short History of Cashew Chicken

How cashew chicken became the "daily bread" of Springfield, Missouri.