Roquefort Tax Hike Delayed

A tripling of the U.S. tariff on Roquefort cheese (spearheaded by the Bush administration) has been delayed for one month.


Cooking by Carniwhores

Frank Bruni visits L.A.'s Animal restaurant and drops a new food word, "carniwhore": "The carniwhore school holds that no beast bests the pig in its multifaceted pleasures, that offal shouldn’t be relegated to just one or two dishes on the margins of the main feast, and that if you think something might taste better fried, go ahead and fry it, arteries be damned."


Inside the Actor's Studio: Kiss Like You're Eating a Hamburger

Director Steven Spielberg gave this advice to actress Amy Adams for an on-screen kiss with Leonardo DiCaprio: "Eat his face like a hamburger."


The Case for Haute Cuisine

In defense of fine dining in a world of gastronomical democratization.


What Would Alice Eat?

What do you serve when Alice Waters is coming over for dinner?


Grow Your Own: Microgreens

It may still be too early to plant lettuce outdoors, but if you've got a windowsill, you can grow your own microgreens inside.


Market-Based Mixology

In the New Yorker, the "Broke & Tan," "Nasdaiquiri," "Bloody Maria Bartiromo," and other cocktail recipes for the recession.


Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) Takes Effect

COOL, the USDA program that requires country of origin labeling on foods, takes effect today, though Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has pressed the meat industry to voluntarily provide even greater detail about where animals animal are born, raised, and slaughtered.


Alice Waters on 60 Minutes

Alice Waters is the subject of a lengthy profile and discussion of local foods and elitism on "60 Minutes."


Popovers 2.0

Popovers embellished with sugar and cinnammon are transformed into something that's "part soufflé, part doughnut, part cinnamon toast."