The Case for Haute Cuisine

In defense of fine dining in a world of gastronomical democratization.


Unlikely Allies: George Will and Michel Pollan

Conservative columnist George Will writes about the cornifcation of the U.S., quoting heavily from Michael Pollan.


A Stimulus for School Meals

Alice Waters and Katrina Heron make the argument for a major investment in school meals and create a new school lunch program partly financed by the Department of Education.


The Insects We Eat

You may be disgusted by salmonella-contaminated peanut butter, but did you know that the FDA actually condones a small percentage of "natural contaminants" (bugs, mold, rodent hairs, and maggots) in the food supply?


In Defense of Salt

Hey Bloomberg, don't be so quick to limit salt consumption, argues Michael Alderman, MD, in the Times. The evidence of any health benefit to reducing salt is only based on observational studies, he writes. And, it may even do more harm than good.


Making the Case for the Heimlich

Cookbook author Joan Nathan, who was recently saved from choking on a piece of chicken by chef Tom Colicchio, argues that every chef should know how to perform the Heimlich maneuver.


World Gone Wild

The New York Times editorial page opines that the growing international demand for wild meats threatens the survival of species like wild turtles.


Organic Dairies Oppose New Rules on Grazing

Dairy farmer Albert Straus argues that new regulations on grazing proposed by the USDA won't work in Northern California. In fact, he argues that the uniform rules will hurt the region's organic dairy farms.


Future of Fish

Mark Bittman on overfishing, agriculture, and the decline of seafood: "With wild fish harder to catch, what is served up is often little better than swimming tofu."