iPhone Recipes

Looking for another excuse to buy an iPhone? 101 Cookbooks' Heidi Swanson has launched an iPhone-friendly version of her site for viewing recipes on-the-go (iPhone Recipes).


Cookout Calculator

An online grilling calculator helps you determine how long it will take to cook your meats to perfection.


Food & Wine Across America

Food & Wine magazine has launched a wiki-ish community site (featuring an interactive map) to "identify America’s favorite places to eat and shop for food in every nook and cranny of the country."


All Hummus, All the Time

Introducing Hummus 101, a blog solely devoted to hummus. Via dl.


Recipe Revolt

Breaking: Home cooks are (gasp) adapting recipes from magazines and posting their comments online!


NYT Diner's Journal Becomes a Group Blog

Online: Diner's Journal, until now exclusively the voice of New York Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni, will begin to also feature contributions from other NYT Dining section staff.


CHOW/Chowhound Upheaval

Online: Redesign of CHOW/Chowhound causes upheaval among chowhounders.



Online: Tastespotting: "A Visual Filtration of Great Taste = Image + Link + Thought." Think wists or ThisNext for the roving palate.


Pocky'd Out

Online: Speaking of Pocky, have you taken a stroll down Pocky Street? Don't miss the Pocky games or the photo gallery. Of course, there's a "Pocky Girls Blog" too.


Levine Launches Serious Eats

Online: Food writer Ed Levine launches Serious Eats, a new food website and discussion forum: "Ruth Reichl called me the 'missionary of the delicious.' I am creating a place where we all become 'missionaries of the delicious.' So come join our merry band of delicious missionaries."