Scanned Sandwich Smackdown may be the current darling of the online food cognoscenti, but asserts it was first in scanning sandwiches and posting them on the Internet. Via Grub Street.


Fast Food Nutrition Tracker

Fatburgr (a website and iPhone app) provides a centralized database for nutritional information on foods sold at fast food and chain restaurants. Via consumerist.


Food Blogging 2.0

Whether written in their own words or those of their publicists, chef's blogs are becoming de rigeur in the restaurant industry.


Food Blogger Taste Test

Which New York restaurant blog has the best taste in cheap lunch destinations? London's Guardian reports on a showdown between eater, Grub Street, and Midtown Lunch.


Amateur Gourmet to Food Network

Amateur Gourmet Adam Roberts gets his own show on the Food Network.


Stronger Buzz

Food writer Andrea Strong has relaunched The Strong Buzz with restaurant reviews, articles about upcoming food events, products, and books, and a community feature.


The End of Food Blogging?

In the future, will all meals be twittered?


Foodie Facebook

New York magazine combs Facebook to find profiles of New York-based chefs.


Mario Unedited

Chef Mario Batali is blogging his way through the taping of his new television series in Spain with "bitty" (Mark Bittman) and "gp" (Gwyneth Paltrow). The raw, unedited stream of reports includes stops at the "goog," a chat with Frank Gehry, and an unfortunate bout with food poisoning ("both the bidet and toilet all nite"). TMI? Via eater & snack.



A meeting place for refrigerator exhibitionists and voyeurs ("Cause every fridge tells a story").