Kellogg's Unloads Phelps Flakes

After dropping its endorsement of Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, Kellogg's donated two tons of boxes of corn flakes and frosted flakes emblazoned with his image to a San Francisco food bank.


Tropicana Scraps New Packaging

Following a customer backlash, Tropicana is discontinuing the redesign of its O.J. packaging introduced in January.


Going After a Wider Wine Market

Winston Through partnerships with retail giants like Target and Costco, Wine Enthusiast is seeking to capitalize on a wine market that has gone mainstream. Even the company's mascot, Lord Winston, has undergone a transformation: he's lost his aristocratic title (he just goes by Winston now), his patrician ascot has been scrubbed, and, rather than sniffing his wine, he raised his glass for a toast.

Wine Enthusiast Looks to Win Over a Wider Audience [Wall Street Journal]


Urban Alcohol

Absolut has launched a series of city-"flavored" vodkas, spawned from prior advertising. Absolut New Orleans and Absolut Los Angeles are the first to be introduced. The taste of the latter is described as "blueberry, acai berry, acerola cherry and fruity notes of pomegranate." 


Gastronomic Profiling

The Wall Street Journal reports that facial-recognition technologies presently used in the securities industry may, in the near future, be deployed by food (and other) retailers to classify customers into demographic groups by identifying their age and gender. With this information, stores might display ads on flat screens tailored specifically to the "characteristics" of a given shopper. Creepy.


Girly Beers

In an effort to stop a decline in beer sales, some brewers are developing beer brands and marketing techniques aimed specifically at women. One brewer's mission is to create "a world where women love beer as much as they love shoes."


Lil' Gordon Ramsay, a British hospitality employment website, is using a bleeping, pint-size Gordon Ramsay to market its services.


Chefs Deemed Trustworthy

In a new study of the most likable and most-trusted celebrities (who can have the most influence on what consumers buy), 9 out of the top 25 most-trusted celebrities were chefs. Mario Batali ranked third overall amongst the most-trusted list, right behind Oprah Winfrey's interior designer Nate Berkus and Will Smith.


Nestle Bolts Industry Pledge on Junk Food Ads

Food giant Nestle has opted out of a pledge by major global food companies to stop advertising junk food to children under 12. The pledge, signed by Nestle and companies such as Coca-Cola, General Mills, Kraft, and Mars, covers television, print, and internet advertising.


Old School Cereal

Tapping into the craze for all things retro, Target stores are selling limited edition, vintage-style boxes of General Mills' top-selling cereals. A corresponding T-shirt offer is also part of the promotion.