Cooking by Carniwhores

Frank Bruni visits L.A.'s Animal restaurant and drops a new food word, "carniwhore": "The carniwhore school holds that no beast bests the pig in its multifaceted pleasures, that offal shouldn’t be relegated to just one or two dishes on the margins of the main feast, and that if you think something might taste better fried, go ahead and fry it, arteries be damned."


Salt Pork and Other Meat Cuts Translated into French

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You Too Can Learn How to Speak Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Did you challenge me to an oabischwoam? You, sir, have quite the wampn. Please, please don't tell me you just ordered a quartl. provides a useful dictionary of Bavarian words, terms, and phrases to help you successfully navigate Oktoberfest (read sampling below)

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oabischwoam (n): "To solve a fight through drinking, a much better alternative than letting the fist do the talking, at the Oktoberfest as well as elsewhere."

wampn (n): "Patronising expression for a oversized oft hanging belly. Caused either through a large consumption of foods with a high fat content or beer."

quartl (n): "Quarter of a litre beer. Is considered absurd and ludicrous at the Oktoberfest."


So, What Is a "Foodie" Anyway?

Chowhounders ponder the ultimate question: what is a "foodie"?


Victual Verse

Robert Bly, Nikki Giovanni, and Charles Bukowski are among the more popular poets chosen by front of the house staff at Union Square Cafe for reading poetry before "family meals." Imported from Gramercy Tavern, the readings began in the late nineties when a manager was inspired by a performance of Dante's "Inferno," according to this week's New Yorker.


Ramsay's Profane Progeny

Foul-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay, presently under fire from the Catholic Church, is now concerned with his son's swearing. "Yesterday he came running in and said, 'Dad, what's a wanker?','' said Ramsay. "I explained to him it meant like being a bit of an idiot and he replied, 'Oh, you mean like a knob?'." Ba-dum-dum.


Cursing in the Kitchen

Is the rise in profanity among TV chefs a reflection of what goes on in real restaurant kitchens or is it just schtick?


An Egg is an Egg is an Egg

Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni is bemused by the appearance of the term "hen egg" on Momofuku Ko's menu. Elsewhere: Crayola crayon colors "laser lemon" and "wild tangerine" will now be known as "super happy" and "fun in the sun."


Whither "Sammies"?

David Lebovitz proposes five cooking terms that should be left behind in 2007.


"Locavore": Word of the Year

The New Oxford American Dictionary has named "locavore" its 2007 "Word of the Year."