Majdouli Cheese

Majdouli, a Middle Eastern string cheese, looks like a hank of yarn. Via tastespotting.


Taking Dried Herbs Seriously

The Los Angeles Times investigates dried herbs and finds that dried oregano has some serious "mojo."


Karp on Kumquats

Fruit detective David Karp tells you everything you need to know about kumquats.


No Love for Cilantro

The Wall Street Journal explores the hatred of cilantro.


The Refrigerator Review

First, Mark Bittman wanted you to sort out your pantry. Now, Russ Parsons thinks it's time to take a look at what exactly you've been storing in your fridge (and see what it says about your personality).


Bourdain, Batali on Essential Ingredients

In Serious Eats' latest video in its series of Anthony Bourdian-Mario Batali conversations on food, each chef declares his essential ingredients. "Just give me a pig and a freezer," says Bourdain.


Grain Goodness

The Los Angeles Times is wild about whole grains. The San Francisco Chronicle is serious about bulgur.


Your Pantry: What's In, What's Out

Mark Bittman has been rummaging through your cupboards and wants you to get rid of your old spices, dried basil, and canned tomato paste, among other things.


The Beet Paradox

"Why is it that American and Australian children have such different reactions to such a simple vegetable?"


Squash 101

How to sort your Cucurbita pepos from your Moschatas.