Market-Based Mixology

In the New Yorker, the "Broke & Tan," "Nasdaiquiri," "Bloody Maria Bartiromo," and other cocktail recipes for the recession.


Passive-Aggressive Appetizers

In The New Yorker, a list of fourteen passive-aggressive appetizers. Number seven: "Have you ever noticed how sun-dried tomatoes and top-grade peyote look exactly the same? Not a suggestion, really. Just saying." Via eater.


Cageless Commentary

The Onion looks to the "man on the street" for reactions to Burger King's decision to begin buying eggs and pork from suppliers that don't confine their livestock to cages and crates. Priya Shenoy, produce manager, opines: "As a regular Burger King patron, I don't think I could make it any more clear that I don't give a flying fuck what I put into my body." Via aowf.



Humor: The Onion on the joys of eating olives whole: "Enjoy them unadulterated and unpitted, I say. Relish their simple, onyx-like beauty. One of Olympus' greatest gifts to mortals, the kalamata olive. Be aware of the risks of enjoying them whole, however! My goodness, it's lodged in there quite tightly." Via aowf.


Julia Child Uncensored

Child2Humor: "Just boil it in a big pot of scum," and other uncensored sound bites from Julia Child. Via sm.