Star Wars Salad

You too can make a Star Wars salad featuring a jicama carved to look like Jar Jar Binks.


Beer Pouring 101

If you're pouring beer the wrong way, you might be missing out on aromatics and stripping the beer of carbon dioxide.


Decanting 101

How to decant a bottle of wine.


Bäco 101

The bäco, which rhymes with taco "looks like a gyro, has the feel of pizza, you eat it like a taco." In the Los Angeles Times, Amy Scattergood profiles its creator and shows you how to build your own bäco.


Sugar and Spice

Spice up fruits of the season with Chez Pim's chili-salt, perfect for mangoes, berries, and melons.


Suckling Pig 101

At Food & Wine, chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten shows you how to roast a suckling pig.


Puff Pastry 101

Follow these step-by-step instructions, and you too can make your own puff pastry.


Pie in a Jar

How to bake a miniature pie in a jar. Certainly beats cheeseburger in a can. Via not martha.


Fun With Bacon, Part II

Once you have conquered the art of making bacon straws and curls, it's time to build bacon cups.


Fun With Bacon

How to make bacon straws and curls.