"Bullish" on Food Stamps

With a 17% annual increase in the number of families relying on food stamps, discount retailer Family Dollar Stores Inc. sees a major growth opportunity.


The Cheese Bailout

While Washington weighs aid to U.S. auto makers, the Italian government is buying up 100,000 wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano and donating them to charity.


Depression Dinners

The New York Times shares tips for cooking during these hard economic times.


The Gleaning Economy

A Colorado farm was overwhelmed with 40,000 people seeking free vegetables.


Ice Cream Economics

Rational choice theory and bacon ice cream.


The Great Truffle Crisis

White truffle output in Italy has fallen by 20 to 30 percent. What's more, the worldwide economic crisis has led to a drop in demand for the luxe tubers.


The Economy and Eating Disorders

The tanking U.S. economy is turning binge eating into a very expensive disorder.


In French Economic Downturn, Offal Is the Winner

As its economy staggers, France has seen an uptick in sales of tripe, tongues, and other offal.