Grow Your Own: Microgreens

It may still be too early to plant lettuce outdoors, but if you've got a windowsill, you can grow your own microgreens inside.


Luxe Locavores

On the heels of the New York Times report on "lazy locavores" comes a Wall Street Journal article on super-wealthy homeowners who are spending tens of thousands of dollars on vegetable gardens as "edible showplaces" (one is modeled on Versailles). Sometimes, they don't even eat the vegetables. That's more than lazy. That's absurd.


Grow Your Own

In the face of rising food costs, many families are turning to growing their own herbs and vegetables. Related: Even if you didn't plant tomato seeds this spring, it's not too late to lay the groundwork for a late summer harvest.


Tomato Turn-On

Have you ever touched your tomatoes? Lightly brushing their leaves with your hands stimulates a growth hormone that encourages stockier growth.