What Was Your Favorite After School Snack?

Yodels, Ring Dings and Little Debbie Cake Rolls. Check out this Blogger Boggle via Endless Simmer.


Look Who's Cookin'

Sommelier Daniel Johnnes cooks for Daniel Boulud and company: "Johnnes, who oversees wine operations for Boulud’s restaurant empire, invited Boulud and a gaggle of his lieutenants to his Brooklyn residence for a dinner that he prepared. Crazier still, he decided to let the chefs raid his cellar and choose the wines." From the Financial Times.


Eating Outdoors

A Bittman list: 101 20-minute dishes for inspired picnics.


In Search of Bovinity

Is Cook's Illustrated spot-on with the best old fashioned hamburgers? Find out from the folks behind The Bitten Word.


Smokin' Hot

Grilled pound cake or chocolate hazelnut sandwiches on the barbecue are the "Marilyn" of summer desserts-- voluptuous temptations, in today's Los Angeles Times.


British Pigs: Best in the World?

After buying his own pig he refers to as "the Empress", Guardian writer Alex James declares British pork the best in the world. After all, ". . . in Britain we have higher welfare standards than almost everywhere else. . . , particularly for pigs. And pork pies and sausage rolls are clearly superior to air-dried hams and salamis - they're just a phase. Good British bacon is better than almost anything else. It is better than German cars."


World's Best Chinese Food

Today's WSJ offers highs and lows of Beijing dining: just in time for summer Olympics. With wallet-sized crib notes for best dumplings, family-style, and "most delicious," among other categories.