Matt Bites illustrates My Life is a Series of Liquids (Serious Eats)


French Ban on Alcohol Gains Steam

A ban on the sale of alcohol to minors moved closer to reality Monday as French lawmakers passed an amendment in favor of the ban.


Wine Apps for the iPhone

Macworld rounds up the latest in wine applications for your iPhone.


Let's Go Metric, for Mixology's Sake

A bartender calls upon President Obama to embrace the metric system and spread the wealth of American cocktail recipes to a world flummoxed by "ounces."


The Art of the Cartoon Cocktail

Imbibing with animated characters.


Great Moments in Beer Tech

A short history of beer gadgetry, according to Wired.


Imbibing by iPhone

The Wall Street Journal surveys the field of cocktail apps for the iPhone.

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Judgment of Wine Judges Questioned

A four-year study of California State Fair wine judging published in the latest Journal of Wine Economics found that only 10% of the judges were able to consistently give the same rating (or something close) to the same wine sampled multiple times in a large blind tasting.


Wine Dungeons of the Super-Rich

Just $30,000 will buy you the subterranean spiral wine cellar of your dreams.


Pairings: Wines for Broccoli

Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli release sulfurous compounds that "not only don't smell great, but also can affect the flavor and aroma of the wines and foods they are served with." This article suggests some safe pairings.