Mother of All Cheeseburgers

An enormous 222-pound cheeseburger created by a Stockton, California restaurant was topped with 480 slices of cheese, 40 pounds of tomatoes, 19 heads of lettuce, and 12 pounds of condiments.


Chiarello to Open Restaurant

According to a press release, cookbook author and TV chef Michael Chiarello will open a new restaurant in Yountville, California, in fall 2008. The eatery has not yet been named.


The Pass

Inside the pass, "the Vienna of the restaurant world" where the front of the house meets the back of the house.


Star Struck

The Michelin Guides are out for Las Vegas and Los Angeles, where no restaurant received the top three-star ranking.


A Diner's Bill of Rights

In the Los Angeles Times, Leslie Brenner proposes a manifesto for restaurant-goers. Principle #12: "Salt on the table. Rare is the kitchen that gets seasoning right every time. Please spare us embarrassing the chef by having to ask for salt."


Alimentary Arousal

The Observer Food Monthly picks the "50 sexiest places to be fed."


Last Suppers

Celebrity chefs, from Daniel Boulud to Gordon Ramsay, contemplate their final meals. Via se.


Ode to the Apple Pan

In the Los Angeles Times, Charles Perry writes in praise of the iconic L.A. burger joint (and TFS favorite) Apple Pan, which has been serving burgers and pies for 60 years.


Word's Best Restaurants

El Bulli tops rankings by S. Pellegrino of the world's 50 best restaurants.


Eco-Friendly Eateries

Epicurious rounds up restaurants where you can sup sustainably, from Portland to New York City.