What Would Alice Eat?

What do you serve when Alice Waters is coming over for dinner?


The Dilemma of the Double Egg

An egg inside an egg is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.


Do Sandwiches Deserve Side Dishes? Discuss

New York Times Dining Editor Pete Wells doesn't hate the company cafeteria, but he just doesn't get why they keep serving sides with the sandwiches.


How Does Salmonella Get into Peanut Butter?

Salmonella-tainted peanut butter is being targeted as the cause of food poisoning that has sickened more than 400 Americans. So, how did salmonella get in there in the first place?


Canned Pumpkin Not What You Think It Is

Pumpkin in a can is not always just that. Sometimes, it's really butternut squash.


Is Honey Kosher for Vegans?

Slate.com asks: "Does honey qualify as a forbidden animal product since it's made by bees? Or is it OK since the bees don't seem too put out by making it?"


Kosher Controversy

Is a kosher restaurant (namely, the Second Avenue Deli) still kosher if it stays open on Saturdays?


Irreconciliable Differences, Part II

Can vegetarians and carnivores ever be compatible in a relationship? Previously: Is there any hope for "mixed couples" (where one partner prefers red wine and the other prefers white)


Breaking: Thomas Keller Nostalgic for McDonald's

The superchef tells Reuters: "I'll eat anything and I'm not a snobby eater. I can enjoy a McDonald's hamburger. You eat these things because you remember it from childhood and it's comforting." Via eater.


Warm Water Worries

Should hot water from the tap ever be used for cooking or drinking?