Menu Collector Declutters

Daniel Barlow, the 2002 Guinness World Record Holder for "largest menu collection," has rid himself of the more than 4,000 menus he has collected since 1948. Eight hundred will go to a Florida historical commission, but the fate of the rest is unknown.


Weird Fortune Cookies

Collections: "Don't kiss an elephant on the lips today" and other weird fortunes from real fortune cookies.


Enormous Meals

Collections: Enormous meals, from 28-inch pizzas to 105-pound hamburgers.


Kitchen Myths

Online: A compendium of kitchen myths, the urban legends of the gastrosphere.


Las Vegas Menus

Classic Vegas Menus Collections: Some Las Vegas menus, one-time souvenirs from a bygone era. Via I Like.


Dining with The Simpsons

HomereatsCollections: A comprehensive, annotated listing of each and every reference to food that has ever occurred on an episode of The Simpsons.


Ceramic Beer Caps

BeercapCollections: Web site is an online trove of Hutter stoppers, ceramic stoppers, swingtops, and swivel stoppers from breweries worldwide. Via cp.


Tomato Cans

Tomatocan Collections: A gallery of tomato cans displayed by country, from Belgium to the United Arab Emirates.


Chefs tattoos

Collections: A slideshow of chefs' tattoos.


Japanese Happy Meal Toys

Collections: Thirteen years of Japanese Happy Meal toys.