Table for Two? Yes, Me and My Book

Authors recommend books that make ideal dinner companion. Jay McInerney finds that A.J. Liebling's memoir, Between Meals, stimulates his appetite, and Sheila Heti notes that Stuart Kauffman's Investigations goes well with a bowl of pasta.


Chefs' Favorite Cookbooks

Star chefs pick their favorite cookbooks.


Ruhlman to Sietsema: Dude, Stop Hating on the French

Michael Ruhlman rebuts Robert Sietsema's criticism that his new book, Ratio, is "completely retrograde" in its emphasis upon French cooking techniques, arguing that they are simply fundamentals that can apply to all types of cuisines.


Gastronomy by Gwyneth

Gwyneth Paltrow will write a cookbook, to be titled My Father's Daughter, focusing on "the importance of togetherness at mealtime, emphasizing that cooking for your family is the ultimate expression of love. The recipes have been conceived with the entire family in mind." Publication is slated for fall 2010.


The Chopstick Diet

A new book suggests that Westerners get rid of their forks and use chopsticks to slow down how they eat, consume less, and lose weight.


Cooking With Balls: A Testicle Cookbook

With the publication of The Testical Cookbook: Cooking With Balls, Serbian chef Ljubomir R. Erovic claims to have penned the "world's first testicle cookbook."

Testiclecookbook The electronic cookbook contains more than 30 recipes for testicle dishes, ranging from a rustic testicle pizza to a more refined dish of testicles with bechamel sauce. Erovic, a self-described "testicle chef," also offers essential demonstrations on how to prepare testicles, from peeling (hey!) to slicing (ouch!).

The testicles of numerous fauna are on the menu. In fact, when it comes to testicles, Erovic boasts that the world is your (rocky mountain) oyster -- though he does note one key exception: "The tastiest testicles in my opinion probably come from bulls, stallions or ostriches, although other people have their own favourites. In fact, all testicles can be eaten -- except human of course."

Thanks for the clarification.

The Testicle Cookbook: How to Cook Balls via Word of Mouth


Fall Cookbooks

The Los Angeles Times rounds up the best of the new cookbooks coming out this fall.


Summer Reading

What are Ruth Reichl and Mario Batali reading this summer?