Built With Bread

New concepts in bread design -- from a baguette with a built-in handle to a baked birdhouse.


The Fine Art of Shrimp Calligraphy

Brushstrokes on a plate are deftly painted with fried shrimp and sauce. Via Japan Probe.


Edible Origami

Paper cranes for your salad? Take a wonton wrapper, fold it like origami, then deep fry. Via kottke.


Best Stools

Design: The stools of New York restaurants: best in show.


Spoon Art

Art & Design: A photographic ode to spoons.


Prêt à Manger:

Art & Design: Prêt à Manger: Eight new concepts in restaurant design. Via cp.


Squished Food Art

Art & Design: "Deliciously disgusting" photographs of squished food.


Julia Child, Rendered in Corn

Art & Design: A corn maze in Sunderland, Massachusetts, bears the likeness of Julia Child (more).


Frankfurt Kitchen

Frankfurtkitchen Art & Design: The New York Times looks at the 1920s modernist Frankfurt Kitchen, one of the first "fitted kitchens," with integrated units, continuous work surfaces, and various built-ins, currently on display at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and Victoria & Albert Museum.


Farm Portraits

Art and Design: Portraits of farm animals with their owners. Via bb.