Lard Art

A statue of Buddha made from lard required 33 pounds of fat and 100 hours of carving.


Sinfully Good: 7 Deadly Glasses

Seven Deadly Glasses [Cool Hunting]


The Last Supper Menu: Revealed!



Riddles in Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper were the basis for the plot of the best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code, but why hasn't anyone cracked the code of what food was served at the legendary dinner party?

New research by John Varriano suggests that the meal being consumed was neither bread nor pascal lamb, as once thought. Instead, he writes in a new article in Gastronomica that the 1997 cleaning and restoration of the fresco revealed plates of grilled eel garnished with orange slices. Above is a detail of the section of the painting in question (with my best effort to identify and highlight the dish). I have to admit the evidence is a little murky to my untrained eye, but I'll take Varriano's word for it. He zooms in for a much closer look in the article.

Pairing fish with oranges was trendy at the time The Last Supper was painted, according to Varriano, who notes that a recipe for grilled eel appears in Platina's On Right Pleasure and Good Health, an influential Renaissance cookbook. He also loosely ties the choice of the dish to Leonardo's own grocery lists, preserved from 1400s, which indicate he shopped for "peppered bread, eels, and apricots" at least a dozen times.

At Supper with Leonardo (PDF) [Gastronomica]


"Tools for Dying"

From Thwart Design, the minds behind Design without Reach, comes Tools for Dying, a parody of DWR's new housewares store, Tools for Living.


Eggcidents Happen

Bigeggs Several 100-foot wide sunny-side up eggs presently grace the city square of Leeuwarden, a town in the north of the Netherlands.


The Shape of Things

2364427123_5a225663d2A photo gallery of packaged foods that take on the shape of their containers. Via Swiss Miss.


The New Black: Milk Bottle Lights

Milk jugs and bottles reinvented as light fixtures (more here too).


Farm Art

This summer, the P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center in Long Island City, Queens, will transform its courtyard into a temporary urban farm.


The Exhaust Burger

Power your tailpipe to grill a burger and cook dinner while commuting home.


Bean Art

Japanese artist Takao Sakai uses adzuki beans as a medium for his art, which includes bean beards and a batman mask made of beans. Via Core77.