A Modest Proposal (on Behalf of Babies)

What if fancy restaurants designated an early, once per week "baby seating" so that families could dine without guilt (of annnoying others) and everyone else could dine in peace?


On Kids and Cooking

Does the current interest in kids and food say more about adults than preschoolers' palates?


Avant Garde Cooking for Kids

Moleculargastronomy At Slate, Sara Dickerman introduces molecular gastronomy to her four year-old son. Tomatoes spheres don't go over so well, but carrot air turns out to be a winner.

Eat Your Spherified Vegetables! [Slate]


Parenting and Nutrition

Six food mistakes made by parents.


Kids on KidFresh

Ankle-biters: Little New Yorkers review the kid-friendly fare at brand new Kidfresh. Says Jake, age 10: "It’s pretty good, but not for a guy like me. I prefer Citarella or Dean & DeLuca. I treasure things like an aged balsamic vinegar and truffles -- the mushrooms, not the chocolate."


Sneak Your Ingredients

Ankle-biters: How to sneak ingredients into your kid's diet.