A Modest Proposal (on Behalf of Babies)

What if fancy restaurants designated an early, once per week "baby seating" so that families could dine without guilt (of annnoying others) and everyone else could dine in peace?




I think this idea is awesome!!! As a mother of three children, two under the age of 4, I understand the frustration. You want to go and have a very nice sit down meal with your family out at a fancy restaurant and the kids start fussing and being loud. You begin to feel embarrassed and frustrated, while other patrons begin to look at you and scoff. It would be really nice to not have to worry about bothering anyone with aggitated children and everyone there would totally understand what you are going through and you could enjoy your meal a little more at ease.


I think this is the stupidist most idiotic thing I have ever heard. Number one, this is just another form of discrimination, and God knows there is enough of that already in this country. People should be spending their time minding their own business when it comes to something like kids in restaurants. I am sure, if they think back to what they were like with their parents back in the day they would be more apt to just ignore what is going on around them. Giving another person the look because of noisy, whining children is never gonna stop, so just get over it.


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Obviously this idea was created by someone who doesnt have kids and find them annoying while dining out. The atmosphere created by people who scoff are the problem. The children are just children, so why not just enjoy the xperience of the dining and not worry about the table next to you.


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