Greece: The Next Fast Food Nation

Greece Greece, the birthplace of the "Mediterranean diet," which emphasizes consumption of olive oil, fish, and produce, is now "overflowing with chocolate shops, pizza places, ice cream parlors, soda machines and fast-food joints," according to a front page article in the New York Times.

The diet, which has been associated with longer life spans and low rates of heart disease, is getting harder and harder to find in Greece. Two-thirds of Greek children are overweight, and the negative health effects are increasing. "It is almost a perfect diet, but when we looked at what people were eating we noticed that much of the highly praised diet didn’t exist any more," said Josef Schmidhuber, a senior economist with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. "It has become just a notion."

Fast Food Hits Mediterranean; a Diet Succumbs [New York Times]




This is not news. It was reported back in early 2007 that Greeks are second only to the Germans in obesity, and this fast food lifestyle has existed since I first came to live here in 1998. Old news.


My impression is that the Greeks are now the fattest European nation, as reported in a recent survey by the World Health Organization. 75% of Greek adults are overweight. See details here:



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