Giada: "I'm not doing porn!"

Pagesix_2 In a cover story in the upcoming issue of the New York Post's Page Six magazine, Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis defends herself against critiques of her low necklines and overall sex appeal (you may recall Simon Doonan calling the look "updated wench chic" in the New York Times). In the process, she also takes a swipe at chefs Lidia Bastianich and Mario Batali:

"Porn? I’m not doing porn! What the hell are people talking about? The way we shot close-ups, I just wanted the food to look beautiful. I thought that's what Americans loved about Italy -- that it's so sensual and romantic. [It’s not] PBS-style cooking. Lidia Bastianich, sorry, but [she’s] kind of boring. I mean, I love Lidia, but you can fall asleep watching her. And Mario Batali? I love Mario to death…but he’s not romantic or sensual. Those are the things I bring to the table."

The Sizzler [Page Six]
Frump-Free Cooking: The Look That Sizzles [New York Times]




It's Lidia not Lydia.


Thanks. It's been corrected.


I don't know what the hell people - incl. Gidia or Gidida - are talking about...! If she thinks she is presenting her cooking in a "sensual" way, then she'd better leave the stage and cuddle up with her pots and pans. And if she really thinks that showing some cleavage in a cooking show (!) is sensual, then she is definitely on the wrong show.


I enjoy watching Giada's cooking. She right on in how she brings sensuality to her cooking. You know she has a passion for what she does. Her recipes are wonderful and I always get great reviews when I prepare them.
Giada is a beautiful woman who wears her cloths very well. I wish I could eat like her and look as good as she does. In my opinion there are too many over weight chefs on TV. Giada, you go girl!


i cant wait until her kid grows up and watches all the episodes of her mom's show and says, wow mom-you look like a hooker.


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