Ice Cube Conundrum

Conundrums: Why are there ice cubes in the urinals at Le Bernardin?


Sushi Success

Sushi_1Trends: The Observer Food Monthly explores the ubiquitousness of sushi as the "global convenience food of choice" and how it got that way.



Ingredient: "The size and shape of a large olive, the kumquat is like an orange in reverse, with a sweet skin and tart pulp. So you don't have to peel the kumquat; you simply eat the entire fruit. Thus its brilliance."


Of Sex and Sandwiches

Sex: New York magazine food critic Gael Greene recounts her tryst with Elvis: "I can't remember how big it was, how long the sex lasted . . . but I have never forgotten the fried egg sandwich" (more).


Gourmet Goes to Montreal

GourmetmontrealTravel: The March issue of Gourmet magazine is devoted to the food and culture of Montreal, one of our favorite destinations. A few of the articles are online, but most remain in the print edition. See also: TFS on Montreal.



Media: Cooking Light will open a restaurant kiosk in Chicago serving food prepared exclusively from recipes in the magazine.



TulipCurrently: Off to Back from Amsterdam. Thank you for all of your suggestions and recommendations for our trip.


City Bakery L.A.

Openings: Slow, but celebrity-laden, opening for City Bakery's L.A. outlet. "It's terrific!" exclaims Tom Hanks.


Mixology Academy

BarDrink: Opening in March 2006, the Beverage Alcohol Resource will be "the world's first academy dedicated to teaching the finer points of distilled spirits and mixology" (more).


Bruni Blogs

Media: New York Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni launches "Diner's Journal" blog. Via eater.