2020 Food Trends

Forget gourmet food trucks, are you ready for "Eater-tainment," "SuperSense," and "Food Telling"? These will be the big consumer food trends in 2020 according to researchers at Spain’s Azti-Tecnalia research and development center.


Street Food Philanthropy

British street food purveyors offer convenient eats with a side of philanthropy.


Mexican Street Food, Reinvented

The Wall Street Journal reports on how Mexican chefs are reinventing traditional street food.


A Hot Dog Boom in L.A.

The Los Angeles Times reports on a "hot dog renaissance" in L.A.


Restaurants on the Brink

The Wall Street Journal predicts the next top restaurants to receive global acclaim.


Food Trends: Chicken Skin

Is chicken skin the new pork belly?


Next Big Thing: Peruvian Food

Wall Street Journal: "Make room Spain and Korea, Peru is having its moment in the gastronomic sun."


Trends: The Rise of the Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Eatery

Increasingly, says the Wall Street Journal, restaurateurs are finding savings in rent by squeezing tables into miniscule spaces.


The Rise of the Jacketless Cookbook

Essentialnyt Have you noticed that more and more cookbooks are being published without dust jackets these days?

From skinny volumes like the new Paletas to beefier tomes like Noma and The Silver Spoon, cookbooks seem to increasingly be going naked, shorn of their usual dust covers.

Aaron Wehner, publisher at Ten Speed Press, which recently released Paletas and quite a few other jacketless cookbooks, says, "It's mostly a subjective feel thing—a jacket can sometimes seem a little formal and traditional for a particular book. Whereas POB [paper over board] can feel more contemporary, and a little less fussy."

Food writer and author Amanda Hesser is not a fan of dust jackets: "For a cookbook, a dust jacket really doesn’t make that much sense because it can easily get soaked with whatever you're cooking with and get beat up," she told me.

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This Menu is for the Dogs

A pub in the UK town of Swaledale features a menu just for dogs.