Foodie Fact Check: Who Regulates Smoked Salmon?

IStock_000004304074XSmall Even if you missed the live broadcast of President Obama's State of the Union remarks last night, by now you have probably heard the soundbite of his smoked salmon joke.

Using the regulation of the salmon industry as an example of bureaucratic overlap, President Obama noted the dual jursidiction of the Interior and Commerce Department over salmon fishing and then riffed, "I hear it gets even more complicated once they’re smoked."

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The Clinton Bump

The New York Times reports on the marketing power conferred on restaurants by a visit from former president Bill Clinton: "He is doing for restaurants around the world what George Washington once did in America for places to sleep."


Nathalie Dupree Announces Senate Candidacy

South Carolina chef, TV show host and cookbook author Nathalie Dupree is challenging incumbent Republican Sen. Jim DeMint with a write-in candidacy. "I have one goal in this campaign: to cook Jim DeMint's goose," she said.


Beer vs. Pot in California

A California beer industry group is spending money to oppose a marijuana legalization proposition on the state ballot in November.

Taiwan Launches "Gastro-Diplomacy" Campaign

Taiwan is launching a diplomatic drive centered on its national cuisine.

The Strange Food Pornography of Politicians Eating Ice Cream

The Huffington Post outdoes itself with its latest slideshow gambit: 45 photos of politicians eating, licking,  and slurping ice cream. Click away!

Rating Federal Food

The Washington Post rates the food offered at federal government cafeterias.

Hamas Rejects Easing of Embargo on Snack Foods

One day after Israel eased its embargo on Hamas to allow snack foods and sweet drinks into Gaza, Hamas leaders said they would not allow in the items, calling instead for an end to the blockade on construction materials like cement and iron.


Rick Bayless in White House Twitter Controversy

Chef Rick Bayless found himself at the center of a media brouhaha over tweeting about the White House dinner he is cooking for.


White House Garden: Not Organic

The White House kitchen garden is not technically organic, and the White House won't say why not. Via @sarakategr.