Red Wine Meets Cola

In Argentina, red wine mixed with cola is known as "Jesus juice," in South Africa it's called katemba, in Croatia it goes by the name of bambus, and in Chile it's known as jote (black vulture).


Beer for Lovers

Samuel Adams Brewery has brewed 350 cases of a special "Brewlywed Ale," a Belgian-style pale golden ale aimed at newlyweds. Awww.


David Lynch for Dom Perignon


Filmmaker David Lynch has teamed up with Dom Perignon to create limited-edition bottles of Dom Perignon 2003 and its Rosé 2000 dubbed "The Power of Creation."

Unfortunately, there are no Twin Peaks tie-ins. According to Dom Perignon, the gift box that houses the bottle is "a little magic theatre, similar to the ones that David Lynch could have imagined. The silk ribbons at either end raise the curtain on the interior of the box, where Lynchian chiaroscuro silhouettes herald a world where mystery is a game."


French Winemaker Feeds Cows Wine

If a happy animal makes for better meat, then why not pour a cow a glass of wine? One Languedoc-Roussillon winemaker is experimenting with just this idea.


Oldest Wine Discovered in China

A 3,000-year-old wine is believed to have been discovered in China by archeologists exploring a nobleman's tomb dating from the Zhou Dynasty.


Aerosol Alcohol

The WA/HH spray, which has just gone on sale in France, offers a spritz of alcohol when you "have the occasional need of light-headedness."


Hailstorm Destroys Champagne Vineyards

One of the worst hailstorms in recorded Champagne history hit the southern Côte des Bar region, destroying this year's grape crop. A third of next year’s harvest will also likely be lost due to damage to the vines from the storm.


Survey: Consumers Are Meh About Wine Closures

According to new research (contested by natural cork producers), most US wine drinkers could care less about wine bottle closures and only notice the closure (cork, synthetic, or screwcap) if there is a problem.


Orange Wine

Orange wine is not made from citrus fruit, but from white grapes, crushed and left in contact with their skins for up to several months: "The result is an unpredictable blend, without white wine’s sweetness yet with something like red wine’s tannic intensity."


Big in Japan: Soft Serve Beer


Kirin has launched a machine in Japanese restaurants that freezes the head of the beer into something that resembles soft-serve ice cream.

The frozen head -- made only of beer without any added ice or water -- will keep the beer cold for at least 30 minutes. This exceeds the average of the 22 minutes it takes drinkers to finish a pint according to a Kirin survey (Japanese imbibers must sip their beer very slowly).

Watch the video to see how one is made (scored to "New York, New York"):

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