Manischewitz Seeks to Reverse Gefilte Ennui

Manischewitz, one of the largest producers of gefilte fish, wants to spice things up with cumin-enhanced Moroccan fish balls.


Hummus Demand Leads Pepsi to Invest in Ethiopean Chickpeas

PepsiCo plans to work with farmers in Ethiopia to increase the production and quality of chickpeas, which the company needs to meet demand for its hummus products.


Sur La Table Sold to Investcorp

Cookware retailer Sur La Table has been acquired by Investcorp, a Bahrain-based investment bank and holding company whose past investments include luxury brands Tiffany and Gucci. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.


UK Scraps "Sell-By" Dates

In an effort to cut food waste, the British government is urging food manufacturers to eliminate "sell-by" dates on packinging in favor of "use-by" dates.


Profiles: Tartine's Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson

The Wall Street Journal profiles the baking power couple behind San Francisco's Tartine.


zab·ster zal·ad

Zabsterzalad zab·ster zal·ad (noun): A salad sold by Zabar's that closely resembles lobster salad, but whose primary ingredient is crawfish.

After a minor controversy erupted when Doug MacCash, a reporter for The Times-Picayune of New Orlean, noticed that Zabar's so-called "lobster salad" was actually made from freshwater crawfish, not lobsters, the salad has been renamed zabster zalad to better reflect its eternal lobsterlessness:

Zabar’s, the Upper West Side grocery store, has renamed the lobster salad that contains no lobster “zabster zalad.” The main ingredient remains the same: wild freshwater crawfish. Like the lobsterless lobster salad before it, “zabster zalad” also contains mayonnaise, celery, salt and sugar.

“It’s a combination of lobster and Zabar,” said Saul Zabar, the president and an owner of Zabar’s. “We could have called it Zobster salad, but our name is Zabar’s. And instead of the word ‘salad,’ we put a Z in there.”

For the record, he pronounced “zabster” to rhyme with Napster, the music-sharing service, not the ingredient that his lobster salad never had.


Farms Suffer in Wake of Irene

Hurricane Irene has left farms from North Carolina to New York waterlogged, putting in jeopardy existing amd future crops.


Bullish on Greek Yogurt

Sales of Greek yogurt have increased 2500% over the past five years. The Atlantic investigates.


Domino's Gets "Artisanal"

Domino's is apparently roling out a new "artisan pizza." The pizzas will be rectangular, rolled out with a rolling pin, and deivered in boxes hand-signed by whoever made it.


The Gelato Diaspora

Italian entrepreneurs are bringing artisanal gelato to London and other European cities.