An Apple a Day


Is your New Year's resolution to eat more fruit and vegetables in 2009?

The Apple a Day poster provides a way for you to track your progress (and finally find a use for those annoying little labels stuck to your fruit). Just peel the stickers from your each of your fuji and affix them to the numbered squares for some preschool-style positive reinforcement. The 18" x 23" letterpress poster is $25 at VikDesign's Etsy Shop. [via swissmiss]


Mario Batali's Swine Splatter Art


Mario Batali's appropriately porcine contribution to the Food Bank for New York City's annual lunchbox auction is splattered with pig's blood, salt, pepper, and fennel seed (for an inside-out, postmodern twist, it comes filled with salted salami casings). The revolting, one-of-a-kind lunch carrier is currently available for bidding online (now going for $145), along with other artistic contributions from Alice Waters, Wyie Dufresne, Ellen Page, Yoko Ono, and Liv Tyler, among celebs. Bid now through December 18 at


Food Art


Crafted in Germany, these sheets of fruit and vegetable papyrus are made from ultra-thin slices of real produce. Carrot paper, above, is stunning when illuminated, as are the blood orange and cucumber papers. They would look great in a kitchen window or make a fine material for a food-inspired lamp shade (for you crafty types out there). More variations, including kiwi, persimmon, and eggplant, are available, among others at Hiromi Paper, from $9.00 to $13.60 per sheet. [Found at Richard's Notes]


Bottle Art


Laser-etched, hand-inked Lux Apts Milk Bottles, festooned with charming drawings of townhouses, show off the work of designer Julia Rothman. The limited edition ceramic bottles are $65 (in gray or red) at ReForm School. [via Design*Sponge]


Napkin Notebook


How many big ideas have been scrawled on the back of a napkin? With the Napkin Notebook, a spiral-bound pad stack  of 20 cocktail napkins, you can find inspiration without even stepping foot into a bar or cafe. $6.50 exclusively at MoMA.

Image: MoMA.


Swine Stamps

Pigstamp To honor the Year of the Pig, the Chinese government has printed a series of scratch-and-sniff postal stamps that smell and taste like sweet and sour pork (more info here). Poke around eBay, and you should be able to find some for sale.

Update: Year of the Pig Stamps: Neither Sweet Nor Sour


Go Postal


The Crops of America postal stamp series created by artist Steve Buchanan is based on photographs of crops indigenous to the Americas -- corn, chili peppers, beans, squashes, and sunflowers. $39 for a roll of 100 at Via bookofjoe.