Post-Nuclear Beer

Historians have unearthed a 1957 U.S. government study called "The Effect of Nuclear Explosions on Commercially Packaged Beverages," which sought answers to the question: "After the bomb, can I drink the beer?"

Tokyo's "Wine Apartments"

Tokyo's Shibuya Shinsen Wine Apartment Project (currently under construction) will feature a 10,000-bottle underground wine cellar for the use of all residents and an on-site sommelier. Via eater.

Food Flukes

The art of serendipity in the kitchen.

Drought Causes Italy Wine Decline

Italy’s wine production may decline by 8% this year due to drought and heat-damaged grapes.

"Pink Slime" Producer Sues ABC for Defamation

Beef Products Inc. has sued ABC News, Inc. for defamation over coverage of its "pink slime" meat product.

Revenge of the Rootworms

Corn rootworms, one of the most damaging agricultural pests in the U.S., may have developed resistance to a protective chemical made by Monsanto's genetically modified "YieldGard" corn.

CDC Reports Tainted Ricotta Salata

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says a batch of ricotta salata imprted to the U.S. from Puglia, Italy, is tainted with listeria bacteria and linked to 14 illnesses and at least one death.

The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook

Before long, you'll be cooking like Mrs. Patmore.

Boom Times for Spain's Cork Industry

Boosted by scientific findings praising cork as a wine bottle stopper, Spain's cork production is booming.

France Pushes for Food Stockpiles

French President Francois Hollande is proposing the creation of strategic stockpiles of agricultural commodities to prevent extreme price swings on international markets.