Iced Tea Linked to Kidney Stones

New research links high consumption of iced tea drinks to the formation of kidney stones, especially for those at high risk of the disorder.


Bacon Scattering Probed As Hate Crime

After pieces of uncooked bacon were scattered at a Staten Island field where Muslims gathered to celebrate the end of Ramadan, New York City police are investigating it as a hate crime.


The Liz Taylor Diet

Eat like Liz. Lots of peanut butter, bacon, sour cream, and cottage cheese.


Hitler Wine Surfaces in Italy

A public prosecutor in Italy has opened an inquiry after a complaint about a wine with a picture of Adolf Hitler on its label. If the label is determined to constitute an "apology for fascism," a criminal prosecution could take place.


Chocolate and Dementia

A new study shows that the flavanols in chocolate may reduce the risk of dementia by protecting brain cells and increasing blood flow around the brain.


Summer Break

Currently: sampling lobster rolls on Cape Cod. See you next week.


Food Blotter: Bacon-Cooking Burglar Charged

A Wisconsin man who police say started to cook himself some bacon in someone else's home last year was charged with burglary.


Kim Jong-Il's Chef Returns to North Korea

A Japanese chef who personally catered to Kim Jong-il's taste for fine sushi and fled North Korea a to live in disguise, has returned to North Korea at the invitation of the country's new leader.



A handful of businesses offering mobile canning factories on wheels -- trucks that are outfitted with machinery to can beer -- are aiding the craft beer can revolution.


iPad Apps for Cooking

Which iPad cooking apps offer the best user experience?