Salt and Stomach Cancer

According to new data compiled by the World Cancer Research Fund, cutting back on salt could help slash stomach cancer rates by 14%.


Cup of (Cold) Noodles

As Japan braces for a grueling summer and possible power shortages, Nissin Foods Holdings Co -- Japan's top maker of instant ramen noodles -- is launching a chilled instant noodle product that is to be prepared by mixing in copious amounts of ice.


Food Blotter: Creepy Teacher Fired for Food Fetishes

The teacher is said to have asked his students to smear themselves in ketchup and eggs and pour sour milk into their underwear. He also asked a female pupil to stuff a pie down his pants.


U.S. Drought Could Trigger Global Crisis

As food prices soar due to the U.S. drought, the global impact could include a a ripple effect leading to more Middle East uprisings.


David Lynch for Dom Perignon


Filmmaker David Lynch has teamed up with Dom Perignon to create limited-edition bottles of Dom Perignon 2003 and its Rosé 2000 dubbed "The Power of Creation."

Unfortunately, there are no Twin Peaks tie-ins. According to Dom Perignon, the gift box that houses the bottle is "a little magic theatre, similar to the ones that David Lynch could have imagined. The silk ribbons at either end raise the curtain on the interior of the box, where Lynchian chiaroscuro silhouettes herald a world where mystery is a game."


Campaign Update: Romney Has a Thing for Muffin Tops

According to GQ, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney prefers to eat only the tops of muffins, "the logic here being that during cooking the butter and unhealthful lipids have melted down into the base."


What Would Batman Eat

When researchers at Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab used superheroes to "prime" children about healthy eating habits, kids increasingly chose healthier foods over junk foods.


Chocolate + Photo = Cocoagraph

Philadelphia-based Cocoagraph will print your instagram photos on a square of chocolate. Via gizmodo.


Bite-size Foods More Rewarding Than Larger Portions

A new study finds that smaller pieces of food are more "rewarding" and lead to a greater feeling of fullness than a single piece of food with the same number of calories.


"Mozzarella King" Arrested for Bad Cheese

The head of Italy's biggest producer of mozzarella cheese, nicknamed the "Mozzarella King," was arrested after being accused of producing contaminated cheese and receiving money from the mafia.