The TacoCopter

San Francisco's "TacoCopter" will deliver your tacos via unmanned drones.


Mexican Street Food, Reinvented

The Wall Street Journal reports on how Mexican chefs are reinventing traditional street food.


Home Brewers Seek Reform of Alcohol Laws

Growing interest in home brewing is spurring efforts to reform many state laws dating back to Prohibition that restrict their hobby and participation in tasting events.


Study: Risk of Stroke Lower Among Women Who Drink

According to a new study, women who drink up to seven glasses of wine or beer a week are slightly less likely to suffer a stroke than those who don't drink alcohol.


Dept. of Mashups: Mac and Cheese Ravioli

No joke: Supermarket chain Wegman's is introducing a frozen ravioli product filled with macaroni and cheese.


Wine By Mood

"Be," a new line of wines from Treasury Wine Estates aimed at millennial women, is being marketed according to moods with labels such as "Be Flirty," "Be Radiant," and "Be Bright."


po·ta·to move·ment

Potatomovementpo·ta·to move·ment (noun): A practice emerging in Greece whereby municipalities coordinate direct sales of potatoes and other agricultural products from producers to consumers. Consumers benefit from deep discounts over retail prices, and producers benefit by being paid immediately for their goods.

An article in The Guardian described how the potato movement works in practice:

As devised by [agricultural marketing professor Christos] Kamenides and his students, it's a simple system. Their brainwave was to involve Greece's local municipalities, lending the movement a degree of both organisation and official encouragement that it might otherwise have lacked.

So: a town hall announces a sale. Locals sign up for what they want to buy. The town hall then tells Kamenides the quantity required and he and his students call local farmers to see who can supply it. They show up with the requisite amount of produce at the appointed place and time, meet their consumers, and the deal is done.


Produce Consumption Flat Since 2004

Consumption of fruits and vegetables has been flat since 2004, with consumption of produce by seniors declining by 8%.


Port Goes Pink

In a an effort to reverse a declining sales, some producers of Port wine are marketing a lighter rosé version that is 20 percent alcohol.


How To: Carrot Cake

How to cook the perfect carrot cake.