USDA: Food Prices Expected to Climb as Much as 4.5%

The U.S. government said food prices are expected to climb 3.5% to 4.5% in 2011 as higher commodity costs continue to filter down to consumers.


In the Sentient Kitchen

Christine Chin's disturbing "Sentient Kitchen" project "examines the convergence between technology and biology" by creating conceptual kitchen supplies that integrate human organs.


Pork Meets Milk

Though it may not be a looker, pork shoulder braised in milk with bay leaves is worth a try, writes Nigel Slater. N.B.: Don't burn the milk.


Introducing Waffle Iron Eggs

Inventions in food: eggs cooked in a waffle iron.


Major League Baseball May Ban Beer in Clubhouses

In the wake of the revelations that Red Sox players were drinking beer in the clubhouse during gsmes this season, Major League Baseball is looking into the idea of banning alcohol in culbhouses.


Jon Bon Jovi Opens "Charity" Restaurant

Musician Jon Bon Jovi has opened JBJ Soul Kitchen, a restaurant in Red Bank, New Jersey, with no set prices on the menu and only a suggested donation to cover the cost of the meal.


The Corkcicle Chills Wine from the Inside Out


Will the Corkcicle make wine buckets obsolete?

When the device -- made of non-toxic gels enveloped in BPA-free plastic -- is frozen and inserted into a bottle of white wine, it will chill the bottle in about 45 minutes (it takes 10 minutes to cool a bottle of red to optimal serving temperature).

$23 at [via Food52 via Gizmodo].


Tiny Kitchen Cookery

How to cook in a tiny kitchen.


The Economist Reviews Gopnik's "The Table Comes First"

The Economist reviews Adam Gopnik's latest book, The Table Comes First, an expanded collection of his food writing for the New Yorker: "Like a béchamel sauce, the resulting book is sometimes smooth, but occasionally lumpy. In short, an uneven feast flavoured with tasty morsels."


Tatin Technique

How to cook the perfect tarte tatin.