(Black) Water is the New Black

Blk, a new bottled water, is black in color due to fulvic acid.


Bourdain on Books

Anthony Bourdain talks books and his new publishing imprint for Ecco, part of Harper Collins.


Massive Vegetables

A slideshow of giant vegetables, from huge radishes to massive cabbages.


The $16 Muffin Is the New $600 Toilet Seat

Critics of government waste are outraged because the Justice Department paid $16 apiece for muffins at a 2009 conference.


Hummus Demand Leads Pepsi to Invest in Ethiopean Chickpeas

PepsiCo plans to work with farmers in Ethiopia to increase the production and quality of chickpeas, which the company needs to meet demand for its hummus products.


A Cutting Board for the OCD Chef

Fred's OCD Chef Chopping Block (that's OCD for "obsessive chopping disorder") will bring your food prep to extreme new levels of precision.

Beechwood, measuring 9 x 12 inches.

$28 at The Spoon Sisters.


Sur La Table Sold to Investcorp

Cookware retailer Sur La Table has been acquired by Investcorp, a Bahrain-based investment bank and holding company whose past investments include luxury brands Tiffany and Gucci. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.


Has Food Media Become Too Big?

Adweek: "Once the province of how-to cooking shows, food media has extended its reach—but has it become too big?"


International Vegemite Incident

Australian foreign minister Kevin Rudd says that US airport security staff tried to confiscate his supply of Vegemite.


Alton Brown Issues "Fanifesto"

In advance of his upcoming book tour, the Food Network's Alton Brown has issues a detailed "Fanifesto" detailing how he should be treated in public, from signing autographs (yes) to talking to him in the bathroom (no). Via eater.