The Case for Taxing Soda

Mark Bittman argues in favor of taxing soda and subsidizing vegetables to even the gastronomical playing field.


Food Blotter: Women Steal Wine With Their Skirts

Two women in Pembroke Park, Florida, stole $400 worth of wine by hiding the bottles in their skirts.


OpenTable to Offer Deals will start offering 30% deals off some dinner reservations through a new partnership with Savored, a start-up deals site.


UK McDonald's Oulet Deters Youths With High-Pitched Squeal

A McDonald's outlet in the UK has come under fire for for installing a device aimed at deterring groups of youths from congregating outside. The device emits a high-pitched sound which can typically only be heard by people under the age of 25.


In Defense of GM Food

Defending the benefits of genetical modified agriculture.


Personality and Weight Gain

A study by the American Psychological Association reports that people with impulsive personalities tend to weigh more than those who are not.


Taste and Perception

In an experiment, information about the origin of chocolate (Switzerland vs. China) changed the perception of taste depending on when those details were provided to the taster.


The Art of Origami Napkin Folding

Screen shot 2011-07-20 at 2.26.28 PM Fred & Friends Origami Napkins take the art of napkin-folding to a whole new level.

The paper napkins are printed with instructions for folding four different designs, from the classic crane to a nifty polo shirt (pictured here).

$12 for a pack of 40 napkins at Fred Flare.


Calorie Miscounting

According to a new study by Tufts University, nearly one out of five restaurant dishes has at least 100 more calories than what a restaurant states on its website.


Lagers for Ladies

Molson Coors is going after the female market with a new brand of "feminine" and "sophisticated" lagers called Animée.