Tuna Can Chic

Stark-dishes Created in collaboration with event designer David Stark, West Elm's new Porcelain Tapas Dishes take their inspiration from tuna and sardine cans. Crafted in matte white procelain, the collection includes an oval dish modeled on a sardine can and a round dish modeled on a tuna can.

$12.00 for the oval dish and $9.00, for the round dish at West Elm.



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This seems to be a very simple, pleasing product. It is so simple that it is just perfect kind of how a regular sardine can is. It shows that not everything needs to be extravagant. Everyone on this site shows the readers very good ideas and products.


You are innovative. It's amazing to know that a simple tuna sardines cans may turn into a simple and cheap product.


I think this product is very unique. I think many people will want to use this product, especially when having people over. It has a very fancy look to it, even though it is inexpensive.


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the fact that someone is able to make money off of an idea like this is amazing to me. it is good to see this today and to see how new products are still being created. if someone can make money off of a dish that looks like tuna and sardine cans, who knows whats still left to be created.


Everything looks so much nicer now! Thanks again


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