Rabbis Focus on Eating Disorders

Rabbinic leaders in New York and elsewhere are sounding an alarm about a wave of anorexia and other eating disorders among teenage girls in the orthodox Jewish community.


Chipotle Unveils Asian Concept

Chipotle has unveiled new details on its new Asian restaurant concept, ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, which takes its inspiration from "the traditional shophouses found throughout Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam....classical two or three-story buildings where families live upstairs and run restaurants or fresh markets on the ground level."


Woman Robs Store of 14 Lobsters

New Hampshire police are pursuing a woman who stole 14 lobsters from a Rochester store.


The New Bon Appétit

At Eater and Grub Street, back to back interviews with new Bon Appétit editor-in-chief Adam Rapoport.


"Chopstick Diplomacy" in Chile

The Global Post on the burgeoning Chinese restaurant scene in Santiago and Beijing's influential role.


France's Anne-Sophie Pic Named World's Best Chef

French chef Anne-Sophie Pic has been recognized as the World's Best Female Chef by S. Pellegrino in advance of its annual World's 50 Best Restaurant Awards.


A Literal Tastemaker

The Wall Street Journal profiles flavorist Marie Wright, who has created more than 1,000 flavors for major food companies, including "bourbon vanilla for coffee beans, apple-peach for cookies and rosemary and garlic for crackers."


Tender: A Cook and His Vegetable Patch

Tender I just received a review copy of Tender: A Cook and His Vegetable Patch, Nigel Slater's new book about growing and cooking vegetables in his London garden (the book was published in the UK last year and arrives at U.S. bookstores in May). Slater is one of the best narrative food writers. He can write evocatively about an ingredient -- and a memory of eating said ingredient -- without veering into cloying territory, the bane of so much food writing.

The 600+ page book is divided into chapters devoted to 29 individual vegetables, from asparagus to zucchini. Each chapter includes an essay on growing the plant in focus and one on using it in the kitchen, plus recipes. You could read the book right through just for the essays, or focus on a chapter here and there when looking for cooking ideas. As spring ever so slowly comes into its own this year, I've just begun to think about what to grow in my own square foot patch. I'm looking forward to diving into Tender for some much-needed inspiration.

Available for pre-order for $22.74 at amazon.com.


The Gastrogrotesquerie of British Food Criticism

A.A. Gill has a way with revolting food metaphors, from "gut-scented butter" to "fishy liver-filled condoms." Hungry now?


Apps Against Obesity

Five ways that apps might be leveraged in the fight against obesity. Via eater.