The Gorilla Diet

Gorillas in Cleveland Metroparks Zoo have dropped about 65 pounds after a year on a leafy green diet. The change is an effort to combat heart disease, the top killer of male gorillas in US zoos.



Gorillas are similar to humans in the way we both eat. Gorillas at the Cleveland Metro park Zoo were given high sugar and high starched foods that led to the gorillas having heart disease. It's great that the gorillas lost 65 pounds within a year, because they were given healthier foods. Gorillas at Zoos' have no choice but to eat what is given to them, so they really did not have control of what they could of ate. This effort to have the gorillas eat healthier, is an example of if humans reduce unhealthy foods in their diet then we can live a healthier lifestyle. We can also reduce the odds of developing heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases.


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