Garden Meets Grill

3703_main1 Black + Blum's new Hot-Pot BBQ may look like a terracotta herb pot on first take, but it actually conceals a grill below. Just lift off the top to reveal a small grill with a removable stainless steal cooking surface.

$124 at black + blum. Currently out of stock (available in May).



I think that this is a very cute idea and it would definitely surprise a lot of guests. I wonder though how difficult it would be to clean the inside and out? It would seem difficult if the plant was on the top. Also, how much food can one really cook on that sized grill? It seems kind of small and not practical for a party where I would want to use it. I think it is an adorable idea though.


very interesting, but why the price is that high??


I think it is a creative idea; however, it does not seem very practical. It is very small and you cannot cook more than a few things at once, so it would not be very convenient if you were planning on feeding more than a couple people. I would much rather just invest my money in a larger grill that would allow me to cook more things at once and would probably be more efficient. I can see how this would be nice for someone who rarely grills for themselves or others, but for most people I think a regular grill is more suitable.


I also think that it is so high price.


I'm not a herb gardening expert but I do grow a few in my windowsill every year, and I can't think of many herbs (ok, any) that would thrive with this type of wide and shallow space for roots. The rosemary bush they show in this promotional photo was surely transplanted from a more conventional pot, after already having grown to that size. And yet this thing is sold out. Which makes me think that many people who claim to have an interest in "good design" really just have an interest in buying trendy things that make the rounds on the internet.


I feel like this is too small for any reasonable meals. The most you can grill on this would probably be like one hot dog or one hamburger. Its just too small, I would be frustrated with the small pot. How would the plant work? What if water seeped into the grill and filled it up? On the other hand it is very creative. I also agree that this pot is too expensive.


Cool new invention, I like it a lot. What a creative way to have your grill outside without messing up your lovely view and ambiance. That is the one thing I always hated about grills, it takes up way to much space and never really fits in with the rest of the things on your porch and/or yard. I know that you can get them in different colors and what not, but they are still huge bulky pieces of blah. Also being the poor college student that I am, my “yard” is not big at all and I do not want to fill up the entire place with just a grill. This way I can have plants when I am not grilling and a grill when I need. Plus this would be a great conversation starter.


This is a funny invention, but I bet that it will good with sales. People always love different ways and cooler ways to do things. Now you can grill and when your done instead of putting it away just put the top on and add to the scenery. Definitely something I would think about buying if it is at a store near me


this is one of the coolest grills i have ever seen. although you may not be able to cook a five course meal on it, it still seems practical if you are cooking for one or two people. plus you wouldnt have to worry about getting you grill stolen. unless of course they are wanting to steal a potted plant.


This article is pure genius! Your blog is the first one i bookmarked in a long time.


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