Department of Maps: Gangs and Cupcakes


Edible Geography points to this map, created by UC Berkeley student Danya Al-Saleh, which delineates bakeries in San Francisco's Mission district and how they overlap with with Norteño and Sureño gang territories (PDF).

According to Al-Saleh, "Cupcakes, gangs, violence, and sugar are perceived to exist in separate worlds. This dividing boundary is structurally reinforced, whether by the police, culinary reviews, or our education system.... Next time you bite into your cinammon horchata cupcake, reinterpret your surroundings."



I also think that cupcakes, gangs, violence, and sugar are perceived to exist in separate worlds.


When opening a store, the surroundings should come into consideration when determining the location. Since cupcakes are becoming very popular, safety should be a huge issue due to the number of people that visit. The customers should feel safe upon their arrival and departure or else they may not want to return. I hope that this map makes people and businesses aware of the precautions that need noted.


I agree with Olivia, I would never want to open a bakery in a gang territory, let alone eat at one. I think that the only reason the bakeries are where they are is because the owners where unaware of the location of the gang territories or maybe the bakeries where there before the gangs came. I think that it is too late to change location because of costs, but I do think that maybe some police should be warned to patrol the areas around the bakeries or at least let the customers know that when they are at the bakery that they are in gang territory.


Violence and Cupcakes?????? I just can't get my head around THAT combination!!!!!!


I like this map a lot; it gives people a lot to think about. People live in their heads and in their own worlds without letting the true facts of what is going on around them. People cannot live like the only thing that is important is their own existence. With this map people can maybe finally come to the realization that their home is closer to the problems they hear about on the news. People disconnect themselves with the horrors around them if they tell themselves that it does not affect them. Now with this map people will see how close they are. I hope that this will get people to help out those around them.


looks to me like the gangs in the south side really like their morning and late night donuts. how does this happen where a gang territory is located in an area with so many of these? also, why are there so many of these in such a small area? cometiton has to be out of the roof. unless of course, these people just really love their donuts.


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