Study: Vegans at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease

Despite their total avoidance of animal fats, vegans may actually increase their risk of developing blood clots and atherosclerosis.


This is very surprising to me because I thought that since vegans did not eat foods with animal fats that they would actually feel healthier. A friend of mine is a vegan and says that she has felt healthier ever since she made the transition. She has been a vegan for 10 years so maybe this effect is not a short term effect and will occur over a long period of time.


Not sure where the content is for this article. Could they elaborate?


This article was interesting and I think it kind of goes to show that most foods are good in moderation. Consistently eating large amounts of certain foods, such as meat is not good but completely cutting certain foods from your diet is not either. People will be healthiest when they find a balanced diet and eat foods such as meat in moderation. When eaten in moderation, meat can be good for you and have health benefits. This article shows that completely cutting meat out of your diet is not necessarily the solution to better health.


This article was very vague. It explains that just because vegans avoid animal fat they will still be at risk for cardiovascular disease, but the article does not explain why or how.


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